Friday, July 1, 2011

Hopeless Little Boy

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i'm a boy
too small to protect a girl
but, that what i want.
not handsome
got no talent to impress her
i'm a shy boy after all
i want to ask you out
but, there only a penny left
how can i treat u?
i think i never can.
i'm just a hopeless little boy

P.S : this story was adapt from my heart. 


*cik*reen* said...

cdeynye... aku pown nk buat post hopeless little girl la..

Imran Mazlan said...

reen : adeh. terbuat kisah sedih plak. =D

*cik*reen* said...

alaaaa.. aku slalu bce kau pnye post cdey2 je..
kau cite2 la cket weh, nk tau :) hahah sebok jewp

Imran Mazlan said...

sure can my friend.
ala.. bese la.. life kan..
not as always expected.
when everything turn upside down.
mesti la kuciwa.. haha..
mask on