Friday, July 1, 2011

If i'm Pissed Off.

the thing that i do when i pissed off

if u are friend of mine or special to me :
-not gonna shows it-
-talking back? probably-
-we are friend rite? i appreciate that-
-smile over you(fake or mock)-
-damn it, dunno what to write. it's HURT DAMN MUCH-
-u know it? sure don't-
-u care? sure not-
-is it ur business? hell no-

Last Word : Thanks for being my friend even ur make me like this!! hell thanks! sure to love it. 


Muhammad Syafiqqullah said...

its face expression...not easy to understand...
chill bro...

Imran Mazlan said...

they don't need to understand.
gth with that.